The lion man

The unfinished obelisk
The unfinished obelisk

Beck and I went to the unfinished obelisk. The high damn, which was not interesting to see, and Philae Island. The boats drive just like the cars, CRAZY! The island had a shady spot with a nice breeze and we sat there for some time. It was lovely. We later went on a felucca ride with a Nubian captain, who sang us a song. Linton came with us this time. Irene and Sharon (two friends we met on the boat) and also an Egyptian couple when with us to the spice souk.

After dinner, we went to the Nubian show. At the end of the show out came and African (Nubian) man dressed in a skirt thing with many layers and a headpiece of yarn that made him look like a lion. He lined up girls on one side and boys on the other and made us dance. Then he began yelling words at us, which we then expected to repeat. HOMOMBO, KALIKIHI! When the westerners failed to yell back at him loud enough, he would put then in time out. It was very exciting and somewhat frightening.

Also to note: There were three birthdays on March 30th on the boat. Beck specifically did not want to be sung to so out comes cake #1, she thought it was for but it wasn’t. Then number two, same thing. Sigh of relief… until the third cake came out. She loved it!

Spice souk
Spice souk

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