And now for our digestive tracts to recover


As promised, we got up at 3:30 AM. Balkien drove us to the Airport and went in with us. Altyn was going to be there to see us off (and to bring me my hat that I had foolishly left at Amondyk’s house – along with my gold Kazakh pin.)

It took us a bit of deciding to find where to go , but we finally did. We got checked in and found our ticket desk. We were getting ready to put in our bags, when Altyn finally came (with my hat!) . She barged right through the security gate and gave us all tearful hugs – partly from gratitude at our having come, partly from sadness at the prospect of not seeing Beck and Sterling for a long while.

It was not long after that that we boarded the plane for London, where beck Sterling and Wes would stay for an extension of their trip, and Granny and I would carry on to NYC to see Beth.

The Kazakh adventure was at an end.

Click here for all of our pictures.


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