A tired visit in Kyoto

By this point we were pretty much ‘shrined out’ and although the buildings were beautiful – I think either of us would rather have been sleeping. In Kyoto, we neglected to notify the tour company that we needed to be picked up at the hotel and so the bus never came.  After some nervous waiting, […]

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Back to the States, and to another conference. A friend of mine attending the conference brought me an old phone so I could communicate! After the conference, my cousin Beth met me and we walked the freedom trail and meandered around. The state house had an informative free tour, and of course Frenchies were in […]

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Bastille day

After the conference we wanted to head to Spain so we headed over to Bordeaux to make our way down. There were vineyards galore on the train ride there. We thought of going on a wine tour but didn’t get around to it. The city had a nice set of stores and cafes along the […]

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All alone

After Wesley left, I went to meet my friend to head down to the city where our conference was being hosted.   After all, that was the reason I was there. Of course, one should know better to advertise your iphone when you are the only passenger on a 6 a.m. train with a group of teenage boys. […]

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Always pay for the sleeper car

We woke up and left the hotel and headed south to the historical part of Salzburg.  It was a little hike but eventually we found it.  We had breakfast at a little cafe.  Wesley had some overpriced orange juice and a pastry and Sterling had similar.  We wandered over to Mozart’s home.  We tried finding […]

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The Eagle’s Nest

Wesley woke up in the morning and went out onto the balcony to an amazing view of the Alps.  He sat there absorbing it for the better part of an hour, basking in the glory of being engaged.  When Sterling awoke, we mustered our things and went down to the breakfast room and had some […]

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