Quaint Bruges

Houses in Bruges
Houses in Bruges

Brugge is a cute little village.  It remains true to it’s medieval style architecture, with small period homes and large churches. There is a small canal that runs through the city.

When we stepped off the train we immediately came across a little outdoor flea market.  Hundreds of people brought out their junk and antiques, and the market was complete with cow creamers, coon hide bags, chandeliers, delftware, and stuffed animal heads.

We wandered through what was perhaps half of the market and found a little bridge where we crossed into the main part of town.  It took us a while of wondering around to find the business district but the walk was lovely.

Hunger started to set in so we found a restaurant and sat outside to relax in the late afternoon sun.  Having dinner with the one you love at a Belgian cafe in the early evening is definitely a good way to spend your time. A group of American girls were sitting nearby, as Bruges is a tourist destination after all. They offered to take our picture and we chatted with them a bit about our travels. After dinner we walked over to the same little stream we saw before and took some pictures of some geese that were making use of the water. There were tons of them! On the way back to the train station, we stopped at a small convenience store and picked up some Belgian fruit beer because we were told it is delicious. It was not.

We wanted to be in Amsterdam the next morning but since it was getting late we decided to make reservations at a hotel in Antwerp. When we arrived in Antwerp it was a short little walk over to the hotel. Being the ‘diamond capitol’ there were several diamond stores along the way and that part of town actually looked somewhat rundown.  We hustled to the hotel and stayed in for the rest of the evening.  An interesting thing to note was that the mattress had an advertisement on the wall describing the materials it was made of and the different layers it had, and of course how we could go about purchasing it.

Click here for all of our pictures.


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