A bridge too far

The Arnhem Bridge
The Arnhem Bridge

Wes was very interested in WWII so we made a stop at Arnhem.  By the time we arrived it was the early afternoon so naturally, things were starting to close.

We trekked through town and found a huge shopping area and shopped around a little bit.  We continued through town and got to the river where we were able to see the bridge.  This was an important location in Operation Market Garden.  There was a small informational building next to the bridge that had a little light display showing the progression of the operation.  We were told a much larger museum dedicated to the war was on the other side of town but was closed for random reasons.

We went up onto the bridge and saw the memorial plaque to the men that held the bridge. We decided we might as well walk across to what was the German side because Wes was very excited to visit a historical site like this. When we got off the bridge on the other side, there were no buildings but instead, grassy areas and nice views of the city.

Having seen enough of the bridge we crossed back over and headed back into the shopping area.  We stopped at a McDonalds to use the WiFi to make hotel reservations in Frankfurt. I’ve never seen a busier McDonald;s in my life. It was PACKED! We decided to split the tasks of ordering food and finding a place to sit. I’m fairly certain we ended up in the most remote corner on the second story and I felt like we were they forever.

The train ride to Frankfurt was fairly long and we slept part of the way.  The hotel once we got there was in a poorly lit area but otherwise was fairly nice.

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