Amsterdam didn’t take long

Wooden shoes
Wooden shoes

Bunch of bikes and canals, what else do you want me to say?

We woke up in Antwerp very early to catch an early train to Amsterdam, as we thought we would need to whole day to explore.  The Train station was much bigger than it seemed the night before and was also much more crowded.  We had no problem getting to our train though.

The train ride was long and Wes couldn’t sleep much because of the crowd.  Apparently a large number of people work in Amsterdam and live in Antwerp.

We arrived in Amsterdam well before 9 and our first goal was the Anne Frank house.  We still had to wait in line for a while but eventually we were able to enter. When you go in, you have to climb some very steep stairs to get up to where the hidden rooms were. The walls in the annex (In Anne’s room) were decorated with posters, newspaper clippings, and notes. It was all very depressing and enlightening to experience. By the time we were finished with the tour the line to get inside had quadrupled.

After we finished there we wandered through the main square and found some little shops to buy trinkets.  It was unusual to see bunches of people just sitting around outside smoking pot.  We wandered farther and found a little italian place to have lunch.  It was pretty mediocre but they had excellent fresh squeezed OJ and it was right next to the water (well, what isn’t?).  After that we wandered back toward the square and I wanted to shop a little because I was running out of clothes. We stumbled upon a fairy/fantasy store where Wesley got in trouble for taking a picture of their dressed up troll.

We headed back toward the train and hitched the first ride onward to Arnhem.

Click here for all of our pictures.


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