All alone

After Wesley left, I went to meet my friend to head down to the city where our conference was being hosted.   After all, that was the reason I was there. Of course, one should know better to advertise your iphone when you are the only passenger on a 6 a.m. train with a group of teenage boys. When the train stopped they walked past me to exit and the last one bumped into me and pushed my hand down at the same time he snatched my phone with his other hand. They were out the door before I could process what happened. Luckily, Wesley also took pictures of our trip otherwise I would have been devastated (this is why our ‘engagement photo’ is photoshopped… of course that one had to be on my phone). Getting my phone stolen posed a unique problem in that there was now no way to make sure I woke in time each morning at the conference.

Once I met my friend we spent the day in Paris at a small cafe near le Seine and then headed out. Before leaving I stopped at a drug store and purchased a four inch tall robot alarm clock (it was the only one they had that was less than 100 euros). The train ride wasn’t long and we were there before we knew it.

Poitiers has very few English speaking humans around so I was invaluable when it came to buying train tickets, ordering food, getting a taxi, etc. We stayed in a dorm at the University and it was the tiniest room I have ever been in. The shower was probably four inches wider than me on each side. A strange feature of the dorm was that the windows had hurricane shutters instead of curtain or blinds. This made for a very dark evening.

My robot clock that was my only way to keep track of the time and so I carried it around with me everywhere. The conference was nice, but it was a conference so I will not bore you with the details.

Since my phone was stolen, I have no pictures of Poitiers but then again, it wasn’t the most exciting place to begin with.


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