Yes, that’s right … a pokemon airplane

Again we woke up early, we wanted to head out the door at 7 so that we could make it to the T-CAT which would take us to the Narita airport that was an hour away by bus. Luckily we were told that Narita was much further than Haneda (which we flew into), which was only 20 minutes by train. I happened to check my email before leaving and I see the subject header “ALERT – YOUR FLIGHT HAS BEEN CHANGED”. At midnight they sent a change in the itinerary and the flight was now leaving two hours earlier! I told Wes and he just laughed, it seems right that i might make such a joke. After showing him the email he immediately stopped his laughter and starting throwing his clothes into his suitcase and we rushed off. At check out we had a 30 cent charge on the account for making a local phone call. After running to the subway, and running to the T-CAT, and running to check in counter, and running to security, and running through customs, and running to the gate, we finally we were able to relax with about 10 minutes to spare. But, with our luck the flight took off an hour late anyhow. Nonetheless, we were proud of our speed. The plane was a large international plane with the best food we have ever had on a plane but NO A/C! We have never been served so many drinks in such a short period of time. There were many boats to see floating in the red/yellow water.

When we landed, in a sudden frenzy, everyone stood up and shoved their way into the aisle. We were the last to get off because we were not pushy enough. After arriving we were whisked away to a special customs line because we were travelling on to Beijing. No waiting for us. Well there was no waiting until the flight was delayed, then there was a lot of it. We’ve noticed the Chinese are not as polite as the Japanese… we will accordingly become more agressive when getting into lines and making our way around.

Click here for all of our pictures.


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