Sharks!! again

Well, we decided to do it! Shark diving, that is. And not with a cage this time. Apparently Fiji is would famous for this particular shark dive. The handlers (as I called them) fill large garbage cans with fish heads and whatnot and lower them to the ocean floor… and wait for the sharks to come. Once everyone makes it down to the bottom, the show begins. You are seated on the ocean floor behind a small rope and the frenzy is unleashed. Frenzy isn’t really appropriate to describe it… chaos might be better. What we saw was basically a tornado of sharks and fish. Mostly tawny nurse sharks and bull sharks. I saw an indo-pacific lemon shark too. There were two dives so we got to experience the chaos twice. It was incredible. Although it may sound scary we both felt quite safe down there. The handlers would throw a tuna head into a bull shark’s jaw and then wap it on the head to tell it to go away. I don’t think I would have the guts to do that. Sometimes a 5m tiger shark comes by but she wasn’t there today. Instead we got to see the shark’s namesake… an 85 year old lady who can barely hobble around but still regularly goes on the shark dive. Although it was unplanned, this was one of the most incredible things either of us have seen. AMAZING!

Click here for all of our pictures.


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