Written by Wesley Klehm

Sunset in Nadi

After the Shark dive we were pretty tired and then had to drive back to Nadi.  This was roughly a 3 hour drive and with Fiji roads, it was dreadful.  But we eventually arrived to the Disneyland that was Denarau.  We entered through the main gates and went to our hotel.  It was a massive resort with bars and pools and stores.  We went straight to the room and ordered room service.  This was actually an incredible meal.  Fiji thus far did not have impressive food.  We went for a walk on the beach and thought about going swimming but the water was really choppy.  We went back to the room and went to bed.


The next day was ordered room service again for breakfast.  It’s super handy to have someone just bring the food to your room.  We had to checkout of the room by 11 or we’d get charged so we put our stuff in the car and relaxed out by the beach for a few hours.  We hit some stores and had some terrible bakery items from sub-standard starbucks wannabe.  Then we drove over to the little mall area.  It wasn’t much of a mall but it had an indian restaurant.  The food was pretty good.  Again this was better than anything we’d had in Fiji.  We browsed through the stores a little bit and then headed for the airport.  We dropped off the car and hopped on the plane. Thankful to just relax some more.

Click here for all of our pictures.


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