Milford Sound

The lovely 'Stirling Falls'
The lovely ‘Stirling Falls’

While researching where to go on our trip, everything I saw pointed to Milford Sound. Maybe because it was that we were expecting so much, that we were disappointed… Don’t get me wrong… Milford Sound is beautiful!!! It’s a fjord after all… hard to not be beautiful. I believe that it was the three day investment to get there and back that bummed us out. Next time we might go with the short 30 minute flight from Queenstown, instead of the day long detour around the mountain ranges.

Honestly, I was more impressed with the drive to Milford than the sound itself. In the summer, many people go on day/week-long hikes all around the sound . It is truly untouched nature out there, and we were lucky the roads were open (not always the case in the winter).


Although you don’t want it to be icy, you do want it to be raining at Milford Sound! Unfortunately, it was not raining the day we went. The rain is supposed to create waterfalls off the sides of the mountains … so we only got to see the 20 waterfalls that are always there instead of the 100s created by the extra water. It was still worth it. But note to self: take the flight over!

The sound... truely breathtaking
The sound… truely breathtaking

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