The cancelled glacier hike

Posing with the aluminum cutout of a ranger telling you "DO NOT PROCEED"
Posing with the aluminum cutout of a ranger telling you “DO NOT PROCEED”

We had planned to do something called a heli-hike where you take a chopper ride up to the top of a glacier and go for a hike… But it was raining. I guess we can understand why they cancelled it. So instead we decided to take a regular hike over to see the Franz Josef glacier … yes, in the rain. After numerous ‘DANGER MUDSLIDES’ sign posts, we made it to the glacier. And we did see some mini mud slides of melting ice and… well… mud? At the top of the path we took a break and admired our bleak surroundings where there were many more signs that said ‘DO NOT PASS – YOU MIGHT/PROBABLY WILL DIE – TOURISTS DIED HERE – etc…’ So we decided not to go any further. Later in the evening we enjoyed some hot pools , although the water wasn’t a natural hot spring, it was heated glacial melt and still very relaxing.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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