The leaning tower and the leaning people

Written by Wesley Klehm

The leaning tower

The next day we headed  to Pisa.  The tower was certainly… well, leaning.  Did you know you can still go inside and up to the top? We decided not to go up – since it was rather costly, and you had to wait about two hours for your turn. It was more than enough just to see this icon and stand under it.  Sterling took a bunch of pictures of people that were pretending to hold it up.

the leaning people
The leaning people

We also went into the cathedral and then to Campo Santo at the request of Granny (or was it a suggestion?).  We stumbled upon Fibonacci’s grave while there, and Sterl managed to collect a vial of dirt from the courtyard. Campo Santos is ‘Holy Ground’ brought over from Jerusalem. That was probably against all the rules.  But we got away with it!  We headed back to the car and went back to Viareggio.  We ended the evening by taking a walk down the beach and we also went in a shop or two.  We found a little market where we picked up some christmas presents and then finished off the day with some pizza and a crepe. Tasty!


Click here for all of our pictures.


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