A secret country!

Written by Wesley Klehm


We hadn’t planned the next day.  So I wondered, how far are from San Marino?  It turns out we were only about 3 hours away by car.  So we went there!  We drove over the mountains, through the tunnels, and down the highway by the coast. Along the way, we stopped at Forli castle to say hi to Caterina Sforza and then took a bus from Rimini (a little beach city) up to San Marino (which is basically a country that is a one mountain tall, and one mountain wide).  What a little hidden gem!  Sterl likened to a secret garden.  It seemed to be a tax haven for Russians and Italians so most people assumed we were Russian before anything else.  We had a great meal there and saw an AMAZING view from the top of the castle.  This was easily the most incredible part of this trip.  San Marino is amazing!  We returned to Rimini where we stuck our toes in the Adriatic Sea and then drove back to the Hotel.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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