a visit to Hogwarts!


Our only purpose in going to London was to go to the Harry Potter Studios. This has been an item that was on my to do list for far too long and Emily was kind enough to get us tickets for Christmas! It was a long train ride, and then a short bus ride over to the studio, but we arrived just on time for our tickets. The tour starts with the entrance to Hogart’s great hall. The whole thing was left intact, and other than lacking the magical ceiling, it felt like we were really there!

the great hall

The rest of the sets were not so complete but we got to see all the rooms and classrooms in the castle, and so many props, costumes, and sets! It was awesome! We even got to walk down diagon alley, hang out in the potions classroom, and try butterbeer! Magical!


The final room was filled with all the boxes of wands in Ollivanders. We learned that each box had the name of a cast or crew member printed on the label. I found J.K. Rowling and Emma Watson (with the help of the overly enthusiastic employee).


While in London we wandered a bit downtown and had the chance to see some sights, including Abbey Road (where we paid some guy 1 € to take a picture of us crossing the road).


We also meandered over to the park, the Sherlock museum, platform 9 3/4, and big ben. It was a short weekend trip but it was well worth the 30 minute flight.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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