Apparently Spain is NOT Mexico

Written by Wesley Klehm

We left Italy (BYE!), arrived in Barcelona, took a cab into the city and arrived at our place to meet the owner of the flat we rented there. It was….a place. We then went to dinner and took a walk over to the sea. There was no choice but to sit on the beach for a while and watch the beautiful sunset.

After getting back to the flat, and after about 30 seconds or so of sitting in the apartment, we decided that this just wasn’t the apartment for us (mold, smell, small, dirty, nasty, filthy) so we went around to some hotels and found the hotel Catalonia by the cathedral. It had an open room and they took pity on us for having a rough night. After an incredible shower and relaxing rest we went to sleep.

We started Barcelona with a half day tour that took us up to the Olympic park and then the Sagrada Familia. There was a man on the tour who thought that Emily and I were Sterling’s parents. The cathedral kind of looks like it’s melting. It’s definitely one of the coolest looking cathedrals we’ve seen, even though it’s not finished.

The stained glass and architecture are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. We then went to another church that had god in it and then went to the old Roman cathedral and city center. Finally we hit a tapas bar where the tour ended. We walked back to our hotel to retrieve our bags and and then taxied over to the train station where we picked up our rental car.

The girls surprised me with a plan to rent a car and drive up to Andorra. Those guys! What a surprise! We drove up some roads and saw some beautiful scenery before arriving in Andorra! The city was fairly small and it didn’t take us long to find the hotel and then parking. We walked on the streets and saw lots of skiers. We stopped into a strange lodge-like restuarant where we had some great steaks. Everyone assumed we were russians and always said privyet. We walked around a little more and then headed back to the hotel. ANDORRA! Ok so it really wasn’t that fantastical but just being there is really all that mattered. I got to go to Andorra and that’s just the best thing ever.

The final day we drove back and after some monster discussions we headed straight back to the airport. We had some food and played the door game for several hours before finally being able to check into our flight. Finally arriving back in Amsterdam we said our goodbyes to Emily and she headed to a hotel. Unfortunately for Westerling, they were too late for the trains. So they sat in the airport for a few hours waiting for the early morning trains to run before finally being able to go home at about 6 AM. Then end!

Click here for all of our pictures.


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