Driving home

Written by Wesley Klehm Our actual final day was uneventful.  We went over a big bridge and then stopped in to see Lille’s city center. Sterling bought some plants and we saw a clock.  We continued on and again passed by Ghent.  We arrived back in Breda, and after a wrong turn, a near miss by a […]

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A guided band of brothers tour

Written by Wesley Klehm Our almost final day was our full day Overlord tour.  Our guide used to live in Winter Park. We started off stopping at a gun battery near Omaha beach.  There were some original 105mm guns still in place.  It was foggy and visibility was low, as it was on D-Day We then moved […]

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Written by Wesley Klehm We headed out early again towards Cherbourg.  We stopped in Carentan first to go to a tank museum. There were a bunch of tanks, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles.  It was actually really well done.  The setup of the mannequin soldiers around the vehicles was an accurate portrayal of the war and what […]

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Mont St. Michel

Written by Wesley Klehm We left a little later that day.  We enjoyed our sort of breakfast at the hotel.  During the meal though, the madame french lady came over and started talking to Sterling.  After a bit she shuffled away and we got up and left.  Evidently, she was rather miffed that we had left so […]

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Diving Normandie

Written by Wesley Klehm Dive day!  We headed out really early to Asnelles.  It’s a tiny little town by Arromanches, which is where the allies set up one of the temporary docks used during the war. We met with Lionel at the dive center and figured out what gear we needed.  The group headed out and we […]

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happy birthday wesley

Written by Wesley Klehm We began with breakfast, or at least what amounted to breakfast.  It was a cup of yogurt, cold cuts, a croussant, and juice.  During the meal, Madame Normandy asked us why we were visiting and then brought us a bunch of brochures for various things to see.  It was great because we […]

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