euro (road) trip

Written by Wesley Klehm

We started our trip on the wrong foot.  My shoe decided that day to start gouging a hole in my heel.  So the walk over to the rental car store was a little difficult.  But once we picked up the car and got back to the apartment, I repaired my shoe, we got some food and went on our way.

It wasn’t long before we started approaching Ghent.  Sterling wanted to stop a little bit, but I really didn’t want to.  So we continued on and eventually a couple hours later, arrived in Calais.  Calais is much smaller than we imagined.  We stopped and went for a walk through city center.  We saw this large castle looking hotel.


We took some pictures and stopped to smell the flowers.  We turned around and wandered into a park.  We took some pictures and some videos of a tree that’s blossoms were falling off.  It was lovely, though the pictures of us on the ground were not.  We went further into the park and we found a german bunker!  The bunker had been turned into a museum about the fall and liberation of Calais during the war.  it was really interesting and was a great first stop on our Normandy tour!  We then headed back to the car and continued our journey.


The rest of the day wasn’t too eventful.  We enjoyed some trash food that we picked up in Calais and revelled in the scenery of yellow fields (which turned out to be canola) and huge bridges.  When we crossed the most steep bridge I had ever been on by La Havre, the car almost stalled, but I managed to downshift and we made it over.  It was scary, but the views were incredible of the Seine.


We then took a detour from the main road and drove sea roads the rest of the way.  The hills and traffic in the smaller towns was stressful, but a few wrong turns and some impossible to escape neighborhoods later, we found our little cottage on the sea.  It wasn’t so little though! The building was an old chateau that this little french lady probably bought later in life and decided to open a bed and breakfast.  The room was lovely and super super clean, and the view from the window was a beautiful beach view.  There was even an old german bunker in her yard that appeared to be just storage for her old junk.  It was great!


Click here for all of our pictures.


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