Mont St. Michel

Written by Wesley Klehm


We left a little later that day.  We enjoyed our sort of breakfast at the hotel.  During the meal though, the madame french lady came over and started talking to Sterling.  After a bit she shuffled away and we got up and left.  Evidently, she was rather miffed that we had left so early the day before and didn’t have breakfast. The words “this isn’t a hotel” and “I bake the bread everyday” were said.  Anyway, we headed out towards Mont St Michel.


It took about 2 hours or so but we made it eventually.  We parked and headed towards the island…thing.  There’s a walkway all the way out to it.  We made it out there and headed up through the village.  It reminded us a lot of a super-crowded San Marino.  There were tons of gift shops, restaurants, and hotels.  We paid to enter the church, but it wasn’t the great.  It was interesting, but all the rooms were big and empty so there wasn’t much to see other than the view from windows.


We headed back down and grabbed some quiche from a snack place.  We then walked around the island in the clay/sand mud. Sterling found lots of sea glass and we took lots of pictures and some video.  We practically ruined our shoes in the mud, but it was a fun little jaunt around the place.


We left from there and headed towards some museums around Carentan.  But by the time we got there, they were all closed.  So instead we headed over to the Crisbec artillery battery.  We could see over the fence and see much of it anyway.  There were two bunkers outside the fence that we explored.  One of them was fenced off but we climbed under it and looked around.


We went down to Utah beach and Sterling found a thing with seaweed to climb on so she could fall down on it.  It’s a tradition she has with coastal places.  After establishing that she wasn’t broken, we went to the monument for Utah beach.


 It was incredible walking where those men landed.  We left and headed back to the B&B and tried to find a place to eat.  But it was 10:15 so nothing was open.  We munched on the snacks we had left and made do.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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