d’Etretat and a church in a tree

Written by Wesley Klehm

Today was a more relaxed day.  We drove up to Chêne chapelle.  This was a little chapel built into a tree.  I could barely fit through the door, but it was a really neat place.


After a few minutes we left and headed north towards Etretat.  Along the way we saw some dogs running in the road and Sterling stopped to see if we could do anything.  Thankfully they ran off into a field, and since there was nothing we could really do anyhow, we continued on, hoping they’d be ok.  We arrived in Etretat after Sterling had a scare with the manual car on a hill with someone right behind us.


d’Etretat had remarkable cliffs, and a pebble beach. We walked over to the beach and sat for a bit, before having lunch at a crepe place. We chatted a bit with the waiter who used to live in Atlanta and then took off.


We drove back and stopped in Honfleur.  This was a little fishing village that has a very old wooden church and a cute little harbor.


We sat and enjoyed it for a bit and had some ice cream before continuing on.  We headed back to the B&B and went down to the beach and walked for a while.  We were quite tired from the prevoius few days, so some lounging in our room was a much needed reprieve.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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