Malta: where the past and present meet face to face

Written by Linton Hutchinson

If you’ve been keeping up with Games of Thrones you’ll be familiar with Khaleesi, the golden blonde empress with an army of unsullied thousands and known as the mother of dragons.  If you want to visit what looks like her palatial palace, you’ll want to visit the island nation of Malta.


Everything about this 16th century architectural wonder is massive. The double walls of the city look as if they were built by the gods and appear impossible to penetrate. The bastions of this fortress city rank among the world’s greatest examples of military engineering.


As you approach this desert stronghold one can image fire breathing dragons swooping down on an unsuspecting enemy and annihilating armies trying to siege and plunder the city.


Malta is exotic but holds a secret that can not be discerned until you are within her protective walls. Only within its embrace are her exotic mysteries revealed. Rather than an dusty, ancient fortification, you will magically transported to the streets on Paris or New York City. The Central Main Street of Malta rivals that of Champs elyesses  or Fifth Avenue boasting Luis Vuitton, Cartier, and Armani shops for the not so faint of heart.


When you go to Malta, watch the skies for signs of dragons, bring your imagination and wonderment, but above all don’t forget your Master Card.


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