Athens, home of the gods

Written by Linton Hutchinson

The most significant ruins you’ll love to hate in all of Athens is the  almighty Acropolis. The iconic representation of all that was good in Greece that propelled civilization to its zenith stands out as an ever present beacon presiding over all of Athens. The Parthenon kisses the sky as it reaches towards the home of the gods.


Zeus, the king of kings, god of gods looks down from his lofty heavenly home to touch mankind through this Greek structure located in the heart of Athens.


To communicate with the heavenly gods, you too will be asked for a sacrifice to show your commitment and dedication to these ancient  rulers of mankind.


Your meager ohms to the gods consists of a vertical journey from the base of the Acropolis to the steps of the Parthenon in the heat of the day battling twenty thousand other tourists jostling for the same foothold, the next step upwards to pay homage to the gods.


Not all will be blessed with an audience with Athena or Zeus. The slippery marble steps will cull out the weak and affirmed. The arduous assent will tire out the old and force them to turn back.  Children may fall off the path to the rocks below. The discouraged will falter after spending hours in the sun just to discover they are in the wrong line for admission and must start their journey again from the beginning of the mount.

The tower of wind was a giant sun-clock. Look closely and you can see the markings.

But for all that persevere, the assent is a triumphant for the human spirit. A victory of sorts proclaiming the potentiality of ascending beyond the limitations of the human condition. At the end of the day we all must still crawl back down the mountain and rejoin the human race sharing the experience of communing with the gods.

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