All Rhodes lead to Mykonos

Written by Linton Hutchinson


In the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean lies one of the most uninviting places in all of Greece – Mykonos. Its countless bays and beaches can only be accessed by weaving in and out of heavy traffic aimed at running you off the road and into the drink.


Sidewalks? They haven’t been invented yet in this quaint village with cobblestone streets designed to sprain your ankle or bring you falling to your knees in the most ungraceful poses possible.


The city is laid out like a labyrinth with the latest tourists off the cruise ship acting as lab rats in search of souvenirs all mass produced in you guessed it, China.


The cruise line has teamed up with the locals to provide a bus service at $12.00 a pop for less than a one-mile ride. They fail to inform you there is a pleasant water taxi from the docking pier for $2.00 to the same destination.  Go figure! Let’s see 3000 tourist @12.00 a person equals the chamber of commence of Mykonos never, ever wanting to put sidewalks in from the pier to the main town.


The most extraordinary aspect of this town is the Café Restaurant Alegro with its stunning view of the harbor with its golden sandy beaches. Our waitress, Penelope was the epitome of Greek hospitality providing us with a more intimate and personal experience of Mykonos.

Black urchins littered the harbor

If we had met her first, I’m sure we would be happy that all Rhodes lead to Mykonos.


Click here for all of our pictures.


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