Crete, the Greek Isle of Love

Written by Linton HutchinsonDSCN8905

Crete is one huge island. Because of its size you can find just about anything you want or need. In fact, Crete is so humongous it even has its own Starbucks, a sure sign that this island is part of the 21st century.


After finding your way to the old city center from the port via taxi, you will find yourself transported back into the past where centuries of Turkish and Venetian domination of the island left indelible marks on this city.


Entering the old city by walking through a covered market Wes, Sterling and Beck were reminded of their travels in Kazakhstan. In Crete however, one passes barrels of olives and dried fish rather than sheep brains and plates stacked full of horse fat medallions.  This of course is a welcomed relief as they made their way into a more palatable past.


Though the city has changed hands over the centuries, the scenery has stayed the same. Beautiful and inspiring the old harbor boasts horse and buggy rides for the young in love, Turkish baths for the hot and weary, and even Helium balloons for the delight of children.


As we exited the market, Wes’s ESP kicked in as he talked about the smell of the freshly baked bread and the pastries displayed for consumption. The huge donuts just like the massiveness of the island, caught his imagination.  Decorated with the richest of frostings, he was temped to add this delicacy to an afternoon brunch.


Just at that moment, Sterling and Beck arrived from an extended shopping expedition to various spice shops in the market. Hidden behind Sterling’s back, the same gigantic donut that Wes had his eye on earlier suddenly appeared.


With a knowing smile, Wes accepted Sterling’s sweet gift. Again to our delight, Sterling and Wes expressed that true love is not based on communication, but through putting the needs and wants of the other person before your own.


So when you go through the old market on your way to the ancient city, pick up one of those huge donuts and surprise the one you love. You’ll be glad you did!


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