Venice, the lost month

Written by Linton Hutchinson


We loved Venice. I mean really loved it- we loved it so much Sterling decided to book our return taxi to the airport for next July! Talk about an optimist!


If you thought that Santorini was a maze, Venice can be considered a super labyrinth. The difference is that in Venice when you make a wrong turn, you end up in swimming with the gondolas.  In Santorini, you just find yourself going round and round in circles until you finally run out of water and die of dehydration. Take your pick; both have their watery charms.


That being said, the program scripted in Venice was divine. It included a sinking church with water pouring up from the manholes around the ancient church, a wedding with a beautiful Venetian bride and groom and a preview of carnival with some of the most elaborate costumes one can imagine.

A little bit of flooding
A little bit of flooding

We started our journey in this watery city in search of the perfect gelato. The Westerlings being no strangers to Venice acted as tour guides for Beck and I.


Wes and Sterling have an uncanny sense of direction and can navigate the various routes in Venice without a GPS, map, or compass. Without any help from the Venetians, we ended up half a block from Grom, the restaurant where gelatos were first invented and have since made their way to every country across the planet.


We settled in at a cozy café next to Chiesa Evangelica Alemange, a German Lutheran church from the middle ages while Sterl and Wes continued on to Grom bringing back the most delicious chocolate of chocolates gelatos.


Our quest compete, we were then free to wander aimlessly in this city of love to our hearts content.

IMG_4466Click here for all of our pictures.


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