I am in LOVE … with diving

Imagine the smallest town you can. A handful of houses, a beach, and a dive center… no restaurants, no shops, nothing. This is where we were headed very early in the morning: Alva Beach Not only did the town have nothing IN it… it was surrounded by nothing but sugar cane. On the way there I […]

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Shark infested waters

Remember Jaws? Well, today we went swimming with him and his friends. Off the coast of Port Lincoln, Australia there is a new zealand fur seal colony on the far away Neptune Island. We started before sunrise on our ride out to the island. The swells were large enough to make me feel dizzy and […]

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First day of winter

This year Wes and I will get to have two winters as today is the first day of winter in oz. An early start of 6:00 wasn’t a problem because our leftover jetlag is getting us up early anyhow. Kangaroo Island is the third largest Island in Oz, not counting Australia itself – which is […]

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Sydney Lights

Fun Fact: The street crossing buttons make a Pew pew sound when it is time to cross. Another one: there are over 55 volcanos in auckland. I think only one is active. Early flights mean that we don’t want to get totally adjusted to the time here. Our bedtime will be around 10pm. We Thought […]

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