A bridge too far

Wes was very interested in WWII so we made a stop at Arnhem.  By the time we arrived it was the early afternoon so naturally, things were starting to close. We trekked through town and found a huge shopping area and shopped around a little bit.  We continued through town and got to the river […]

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Quaint Bruges

Brugge is a cute little village.  It remains true to it’s medieval style architecture, with small period homes and large churches. There is a small canal that runs through the city. When we stepped off the train we immediately came across a little outdoor flea market.  Hundreds of people brought out their junk and antiques, […]

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A park too far

We arrived in Brussels very late at night and stayed in a hotel right outside the metro station.  The next morning we woke up and found a little market had set up down the street.  There were tons of little trinkets and I bought a pair of shoes for 5 euros. I successfully completed the […]

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