Blue skies smiling at us

After a long day in the airport (it seems as if all Chinese flights are obligated to be delayed). In there airport there were lights on the ground that indicated different directions. At first I thought these lights were pointing to the exit but then I realized there was no sense whatsoever in the direction […]

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The city of SMOG

DAY ONE: We finally arrived in Beijing, who would have thought that it would take all day to get here! The flight from Shanghai played a nice video about the wonderful communist party of China and how they saved the country from financial doom. At one point the subtitles read: ‘We cannot help but admire […]

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Again we woke up early, we wanted to head out the door at 7 so that we could make it to the T-CAT which would take us to the Narita airport that was an hour away by bus. Luckily we were told that Narita was much further than Haneda (which we flew into), which was […]

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