The lion man

Beck and I went to the unfinished obelisk. The high damn, which was not interesting to see, and Philae Island. The boats drive just like the cars, CRAZY! The island had a shady spot with a nice breeze and we sat there for some time. It was lovely. We later went on a felucca ride […]

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Gator Temple

We bought our galibayahs in the ship’s bazaar, which was a welcome relief to the overwhelming souks… sensory overload… I found a bright red one with traditional Egyptian designs and Beck ended up with white (no bargaining in the ship bazaar)! He also had jewelery, scarves, and typical mementos. Edfu temple of Horace, we got […]

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The incident

As we entered Luxor from an early morning flight from Cairo (awakening at 3:00 to prepare), we passed by a swath of open earth. In a glimpse, we knew it was the avenue of the sphinxes. The avenue is right through the middle of town. In fact, they have torn down any structures in town […]

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A view of the Nile

Well after going straight from Tallahassee to Memphis to New York we finally made it to Cairo or K a H a R a H as it is called an Arabic.¬†They got us through customs after we purchased visa stamps for $45 with no problems, they didn’t ask us any questions or even take our […]

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