Written by Wesley Klehm After the Shark dive we were pretty tired and then had to drive back to Nadi.  This was roughly a 3 hour drive and with Fiji roads, it was dreadful.  But we eventually arrived to the Disneyland that was Denarau.  We entered through the main gates and went to our hotel.  It […]

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Sharks!! again

Well, we decided to do it! Shark diving, that is. And not with a cage this time. Apparently Fiji is would famous for this particular shark dive. The handlers (as I called them) fill large garbage cans with fish heads and whatnot and lower them to the ocean floor… and wait for the sharks to […]

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Time for relaxing

Written by Wesley Klehm The flight to Fiji was supposedly really bumpy and shaky but i slept the whole time.  Sterling was impressed.  We arrived in the airport concerned they might confiscate our honey from Oz.  But the customs people didn’t really seem to care about anything so we just kind of walked through.  There was […]

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