euro (road) trip

Written by Wesley Klehm We started our trip on the wrong foot.  My shoe decided that day to start gouging a hole in my heel.  So the walk over to the rental car store was a little difficult.  But once we picked up the car and got back to the apartment, I repaired my shoe, we got some […]

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à Paris

This week, we went back to Paris to share some time with Wesley’s sister, Emily. It is her first visit to Europe and she is oh so excited to be on the vacation of a lifetime. Although our objective was to make sure Emily got to see everything she wanted to see, we still enjoyed […]

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Bastille day

After the conference we wanted to head to Spain so we headed over to Bordeaux to make our way down. There were vineyards galore on the train ride there. We thought of going on a wine tour but didn’t get around to it. The city had a nice set of stores and cafes along the […]

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All alone

After Wesley left, I went to meet my friend to head down to the city where our conference was being hosted.   After all, that was the reason I was there. Of course, one should know better to advertise your iphone when you are the only passenger on a 6 a.m. train with a group of teenage boys. […]

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