The wall and gate

After stopping in Iceland, and then moving to the Netherlands, and then searching for an apartment, we ran off to Berlin for a conference. So because I was here for a conference – we didn’t get to do much tourism but Wes and I stayed and extra day to wander around to see the sights. […]

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The Eagle’s Nest

Wesley woke up in the morning and went out onto the balcony to an amazing view of the Alps.  He sat there absorbing it for the better part of an hour, basking in the glory of being engaged.  When Sterling awoke, we mustered our things and went down to the breakfast room and had some […]

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We woke up and caught an early train to Munich from Frankfurt.  The trainride provided a gorgeous view of the Bavarian Alps.  The closer we got to Munich, the better the views. What a beautiful place! When we arrived in Munich we wandered a bit and found a tour that would take us to Dachau […]

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