Venice, the lost month

Written by Linton Hutchinson We loved Venice. I mean really loved it- we loved it so much Sterling decided to book our return taxi to the airport for next July! Talk about an optimist! If you thought that Santorini was a maze, Venice can be considered a super labyrinth. The difference is that in Venice […]

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The Colosseum

Written by Linton Hutchinson So think about it for a little while. Who were these ancient Roman people? What were they thinking to have come up the idea to build a Colosseum? Were they perchance sitting around a conference table on a hot summer’s day having a conversation that went something like this? “You know […]

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From cat’s cradle to grave

Written by Linton Hutchinson Ever wonder what it would be like to spend the day in a crypt? Or chase homeless kittens around an architectural ruins over 2500 years old? Well, if you’re game for either of these activities, consider making Rome your next holiday get away. It started out as your typical day in […]

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Dinner in a night club

We arrived in Rome around 8 or 9 in the evening and ran into my father in the hotel lobby. After getting squared away with our hotel room we began to discuss dinner options. Linton already had it all figured out, with a 10% off coupon to a nearby restaurant. So out the door we […]

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Written by Wesley Klehm When in Rome? Right now! We arrived at the airport and located our bus. It was a long ride in to the Termini station, but it wasn’t a boring one. We sat next to a friendly Chinese girl that was also living in the Netherlands. She was perfectly friendly and her english […]

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We arrived in Pisa and picked up our rental car.  Our Hotel was in Viareggio, which was north a ways. The Hertz rep told exactly how to get there.  Naturally we missed a turn because there was no sign and proceeded to get lost.  This would turn into a running theme for the trip.  Italian […]

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