Earthquake City

The road from the west side of the island to the east was a treacherous one… and we were in a stick. Wesley did an amazing job driving through the icy mountain passes (literally… they were icy mountain passes). There were even a few instances where construction forced us to stop (going uphill of course) […]

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The cancelled glacier hike

We had planned to do something called a heli-hike where you take a chopper ride up to the top of a glacier and go for a hike… But it was raining. I guess we can understand why they cancelled it. So instead we decided to take a regular hike over to see the Franz Josef […]

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Milford Sound

While researching where to go on our trip, everything I saw pointed to Milford Sound. Maybe because it was that we were expecting so much, that we were disappointed…┬áDon’t get me wrong… Milford Sound is beautiful!!! It’s a fjord after all… hard to not be beautiful. I believe that it was the three day investment […]

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Wellington is the New Zealand Hollywood or… Wellywood (yes, it is really called that). Of course our objective here was to see LOTR things. We went to see the WETA workshop, where the employees were unfriendly… but that didn’t stop us from paying the extra 20 bucks or so to see a tour of what […]

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Glow Worms in Waitomo Caves

The Waitomo glow worms are actually pretty cool. Looks sort of like the night sky… but inside of a cave. Unfortunately, we only went on a tour when the alternative was ‘black water rafting’. Basically, you go tubing in a cave, in the dark… sounds awesome. Next time I suppose. Other than the glow worm […]

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