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Venice, the lost month

Written by Linton Hutchinson We loved Venice. I mean really loved it- we loved it so much Sterling decided to book our return taxi to the airport for next July! Talk about an optimist! If you thought that Santorini was a maze, Venice can be considered a super labyrinth. The difference is that in Venice […]

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All Rhodes lead to Mykonos

Written by Linton Hutchinson In the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean lies one of the most uninviting places in all of Greece – Mykonos. Its countless bays and beaches can only be accessed by weaving in and out of heavy traffic aimed at running you off the road and into the drink. Sidewalks? They […]

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Emphasis on Ephesus

Written by Linton Hutchinson Ever wonder where the Virgin Mary lived? Many think the Ancient city of Ephesus was her hometown. It wasn’t a bad location given the times she was alive. It had running hot and cold water, steam baths, heated homes, a sewer system, wide streets and I’m sure the bus system was […]

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Nothing but a big rock

Written by Linton Hutchinson We leave Athens, the cradle of democracy with high expectations as we head out to the open seas. I’m thinking to myself, what could possibly top the Parthenon! Where ever we’re going it has to be great. The ship sails through the night traveling at full speed to reach our new […]

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Athens, home of the gods

Written by Linton Hutchinson The most significant ruins you’ll love to hate in all of Athens is the  almighty Acropolis. The iconic representation of all that was good in Greece that propelled civilization to its zenith stands out as an ever present beacon presiding over all of Athens. The Parthenon kisses the sky as it […]

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